Hunter Jameson adopts behavioural and competency based interview techniques to assess candidates. These methodologies are designed to elicit meaningful information and insight about each candidate’s skills, knowledge, behavioural attributes and leadership abilities which can be compared and contrasted with the individual needs of a partnered client.

We develop a comprehensive understanding of a candidate’s career and life objectives as well as building a multi-layered appreciation of their existing skills, knowledge and general attributes from complex questioning within a relaxed and professional interview framework. Our consultants are highly experienced in conducting technical and competency based interviews and therefore we secure a superior level of understanding about a candidate’s technical ability as well as their abilities to lead, inspire and influence. We also seek to understand an individual's potential and their development needs. However where we believe we add greatest value is through our assessment of an individual’s “softer” skills and their potential congruency with the cultures and values of each of our partnered clients. Surely an individual’s abilities to make strong and robust judgements, communicate these effectively up, down and across a complex organisational structure and dealing effectively with complex and ambiguous situations is just as important as their technical skills and knowledge?

Hunter Jameson has the facility to administer verbal, numerical, systems or personality tests through our partnered service providers.

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